Your choice of ketchup, mustard, relish or diced onions. The Dogfather’s award winning chili 16oz Bowl $6.95


Hotdog $2.25
Chili Dog $2.75
Chili 8oz cup $3.50
Cup ’O Mac or American Chop Suey $3.95
Fry Bread (aka Fried Dough) Topped with melted butter, and powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. $3.95
Frito Pie

A bowl with crumbled Fritos corn chips on the bottom, covered with The Dogfather’s homemade chili, topped with

shredded cheddar cheese


Extreme Hot dogs

The Don

The Dogfather’s famous chili, parmesan cheese and mustard

The Vinny

The Dogfather’s sweet onion topping, sauerkraut and mustard

The Fredo

The Dogfather’s chili and melted cheese

The Wustah

Relish, red/green peppers, onions, mustard, bacon bits, , celery salt and a dill spear

The Tessio

Don Carlo’s hot sauce, diced onions, sauerkraut

The Sonny

Relish, diced onions, mayonnaise,and ground black pepper

The Suzy

The Dogfather’s sweet onion topping, BBQ sauce and bacon bits

The Capone

Red/Green peppers, melted cheese and bacon bits

The Wiseguy

The Dogfather’s sweet onion topping, Red/Green peppers, Mama Corleone’s Sweet Wedding Sauce

Don Corleone’s Revenge

The Dogfather‘s homemade chili, horseradish, diced onions

The Whitey

Potato Sticks, and Mama Corleone’s Sweet Wedding Sauce

The Turk

Don Carlo‘s hot sauce, Bread and Butter pickles, mustard

The Undertaker

Jalapeno peppers, Bleu cheese dressing, bacon bits


2 hotdogs, NO buns, shredded cheddar cheese, homemade chili, mustard, diced onions, Andy Capp’s hot fries, wrapped up in a tortilla and grilled

The Hitman

A fire roasted hotdog, Red/green peppers, sauerkraut, hot sauce

The Cement Overcoat

(aka Mike’s challenge)

Flatten and cook a bun on both sides, add 3 hotdogs, cover with slice of American cheese, add spoonful of chili, cover THAT with American cheese, add ANOTHER spoonful of chili, cover with pepperoni, add mustard, diced onions and peppers, cover with another flattened bun. Comes with a FREE bumper sticker proclaiming your accomplishment!




For renaming rights you must eat 7 or more